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        Section I Use of English

        Directions:Read the following text Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

        Being a good parent is what every parent would like to be. But defining what it means to be a good parent is undoubtedly very 1 , particularly since children respond differently to the same style of parenting. A calm, rule-following child might respond better to a different sort of parenting than, 2 , a younger one.

        3 , there´s another sort of parent that´s easier to 4 ; a parent. Children of every age benefit from patient parenting. Still , 5 , every parent would like to be patient, this is no easy 6 , sometimes, parents get exhausted and arc unable to maintain a 7 style with their kids. I understand this.

        You´re only human, and sometimes your kids can 8 you just a little too far. And then the 9 happens: You lose your patience and either scream at your kids or say something that was too 10 and does nobody any good. You wish that you could 11 the clock and start over. We´ve all been there.

        12 , even though it´s common, it´s vital to keep in mind that in a single moment of fatigue, you can say something to your child that you may 13 for a long time. This may not only do damage to your relationship with your child but also 14 your child´s self-esteem.

        If you consistently lose your 15 with your kids, then you are modeling a lack of emotional control for your kids. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the 16 of modeling patience for the younger generation. This is a skill that will help them all throughout life. In fact, the ability to maintain emotional control when 17 by stress is one of the most significant of all life’s skills.

        Certainly, it´s 18 to maintain patience at all times with your kids. A more practical goal is to try to be as calm as you can when faced with 19 situations involving your children. I can promise you this: As a result of working toward this goal, you and your children will benefit and 20 from stressful moments feeling better physically and emotionally.

        l.[A] pleasant(B] tricky[C] tedious[D] instructive

        2. [A] at once[B] in addition[C] for example[D] by accident

        3. [A] Fortunately[B] Occasionally[C] Accordingly(D) Eventually

        4. [A] amuse[B] train[C] assist[D] describe

        5. (A] once(B] because[C] unless(D] while

        6. [A] choice[B] answer[C] task(D] access

        7. [A] formal[B] tolerant[C] rigid[D] critical

        8. [A] move[B] send[C] drag[D] push

        9.(A] inevitable[B] illogical[C] mysterious[D] suspicious

        10.[A] boring[B] harsh[C] naive[D] vague

        11.[A] turn back[B] take apart[C] set aside[D] cover up

        12.[A] Overall[B] Instead[C] otherwise[D] However

        13.[A] believe[B] regret(C] miss[D] like

        14. [A] justify[B] raise[C] affect[D] reflect


        16.[A]nature[B] secret[C]context[D] importance

        17. [A] confronted[B]defeated[C]cheated[D] confused

        18. [A] strange[B]terrible[C]hard[D] wrong

        19.[A] exciting[B]trying[C]Surprising[D] changing

        20. [A] withdraw[B]hide[C]emerge[D] escape


        1.【试题答案】B tricky

        2.【试题答案】C for example

        3.【试题答案】A Fortunately

        4.【试题答案】D describe

        5.【试题答案】D while

        6.【试题答案】C task

        7.【试题答案】B tolerant

        8.【试题答案】D push

        9.【试题答案】A inevitable

        10.【试题答案】B harsh

        11.【试题答案】A turn back

        12.【试题答案】D however

        13.【试题答案】B regret

        14.【试题答案】C affect

        15.【试题答案】D cool

        16.【试题答案】D importance

        17.【试题答案】A confronted

        18.【试题答案】C hard

        19.【试题答案】B trying

        20.【试题答案】C emerge


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